Read Recently — March 2016 — Sad Endings

The Future Falls by Tanya Huff

And so another great series trudges to a sad end . . . ha! Just kidding! This was never a great series!

The sequel to The Enchantment Emporium and The Wild Ways (and Enchantment Emporium, I remind you, was not meant to have any sequels, never mind two of them–Huff was so sure of this that she signed one of the copies I bought with exactly that boast–that is, that the book was a stand-alone) features, once again, Charlie, my favourite character of the series. This time she learns, by accident, that an asteroid is due to hit Earth in less than two years time, almost certainly causing an extinction event, and that there is nothing she or her family can do about it. Doesn’t stop her from trying, of course. Mostly, though, the book is fixated on her forbidden romance with dragonlord-to-be Jack, my least-favourite character in the series.

If you’ve enjoyed the other books in this series, you’ll enjoy this one. It is, after all, a Tanya Huff book, and by no means her worst. But I do not, by any means, recommend it.

Kitty Saves the World by Carrie Vaughn

This, on the other hand, was a good series once. Sadly, rather than focussing on the domestic life of Kitty’s pack, in effect her extended family, we continue on to the finish of the Great Game: Kitty and her allies against Roman, the final round. The Pack is, in fact, explicitly (and magically) removed from the book. In terms of what Kitty would want–to keep them safe–this makes sense. In terms of what I wanted from the story, though, this is basically Vaughn spitting in my face (don’t worry, I’m not so paranoid that I think she did it on purpose).

There has been some speculation throughout the series about who Roman was working for: if he’s the general, who’s the true leader? About midway through this book, Vaughn brings in Satan. Mr. Charles Lightman. She doesn’t do anything interesting with the concept — it’s just the Devil as hollywood agent. It’s just . . . disappointing.

And Kitty should have spotted Roman’s plan immediately. It’s blatantly obvious.

It’s sad, really. The series had such a great beginning. Of course, if you’ve read the rest, you will read this one. If not, well, I’d suggest checking out Kitty and the Midnight Hour and going forward cautiously from there.


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