Read Recently — June 2015 — Rock’n’Roll!

The History of Canadian Rock’n’Roll by Bob Mersereau

After a forward by Neil Peart of Rush which namechecks my own hometown, Mersereau opens with an introduction in which he asks 8 questions such as “what was the top rock band from 2000-2009?” and “Who welcomed in the New Year from New York City on radio and television for forty-eight consecutive years?” Unsurprisingly, given the title of the book, the answer to each question is, “a Canadian”. He then works his way forward through the history of rock, from the whitebread 50s through to the present, looking at the styles of music of the time and the Canadians who helped make them. We’re not talking in-depth biographies here; there are a lot of people to talk about and a lot of years to cover in less than 300 pages. Some of it was quite eye-opening, even for me, and I pay attention to Canadian music.

There’s the occasional typo, and once he uses the phrase, “All for naught, but not all for nothing” which kind of made me go, “Wait, what?”, but overall it’s well and clearly written, very informative, and recommended.


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