Read Recently — March 2015 — Adventure

The Sea of Time by P. C. Hodgell

As I write this, this is the latest Kencyrath novel. Jame returns to Kothifir, which she has visited briefly before, though now she is assigned to her house’s troops as Lordan and Randon-in-training. Her brother thoughtfully sent a note to the Commander of the Kencyr host, ending with, “Try to save as much of the Host as possible”. This proves to be easier said than done.

On the other hand, the destruction that usually follows Jame around this time focuses more on Kothifir, as Jame helps guard a trading caravan headed three thousand years into the past, and also once again gets involved with the local religion (though not nearly as thoroughly as she did with the Merikit.

And, of course, she’s formed a stronger relationship with her brother (who of course has problems of his own. Among other things, he sometimes shares dreams with Jame, and we get a better idea of what he went through during his time with the host). Of course, that can’t last . . .

Highly recommended, though if you haven’t already you want to start with The Godstalker Chronicles here.

The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi

Re-read. First written about here. Still highly recommended.


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