Read Recently — December 2014 — Boy, that’s a lot of boats

The Spanish Armada by Robert Hutchinson

When I was reading The Sword of Albion I came to realize that, while I knew about the Spanish Armada, I didn’t really know much about it. I mean, I knew there was a big Spanish fleet intended to invade England, and it didn’t, and the British fleet was involved . . . and it was while Elizabeth I was the queen. And that was it. I mean, I knew more about the Spanish Inquisition (bet ya didn’t see that coming).

So, finding this on the bookstore shelf was a lucky coincidence.

So, yeah, history. Primary documents used for all quotes, some extrapolation; not a thrill a minute sort of thing, but interesting and, within the limits of already knowing the big picture, kinda tense. Also not as thick as it looks; there’s about a hundred pages of glossaries, chronologies, plates, notes, an order of battle for both sides, and a dramatis personae.



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