Read Recently — October 2014 — Valorous Evil

Evil Under The Sun: a Hercule Poirot mystery by Agatha Christie

Poirot is on vacation on a small island off the British coast (it is amusing to read in the history of the resort that at one time Cornwall was considered too hot for a summer vacation spot. The British don’t know from weather). Also at the resort (along with a cast of nameless extras) are the Gardeners, an older couple, Miss Brewster, a single older woman, Miss Darnley, a fashion designer and retailer (a big success in the business world. But in her personal life? Another single woman and in 1941, you know what that meant), Mr Lane, a clergyman, Major Barry, a retired military man, the Redferns, a good-looking young couple of whom the husband may not know what a good thing he has, and the Marshalls: lovely redheaded former actor Arlena, wealthy Captain Kenneth, and teenage daughter Linda (Arlena is Captain Marshall’s second wife), and Mr. Blatt, general annoyance.

When Arlena is found strangled in a secluded cove around the far side of the island, there is no shortage of suspects. Was it Mr. Redfern, with whom she had been at least flirting, at most carrying on a very open affair? Was it Mrs Redfern, angry for obvious reasons? Was it Captain Marshall, jealous of his honour? Was it daughter Linda, who loves her father and hates her step-mother? What about Miss Darnley, an old friend of Captain Marshall, who may have wanted more from him? Heck, any of the named characters could be the killer, except of course for Poirot, who must help the police solve the case. And he does, though I found the very final scene of the book a tad disappointing.


Valor’s Trial: a Confederation Novel by Tanya Huff

A re-read. Here.

Still highly recommended.


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