Read Recently — September 2014 — Something To Watch

The New Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko; translated from the Russian by Andrew Bromfield

Behind the world as we know it the Others walk. From lowly vampires and werewolves up to the higher magicians, they prey on us or guard us according to whether they serve the Light or the Dark. While most of them live relatively ordinary lives, some serve in the watches, maintaining the fragile truce between Light and Dark: the Day Watch, by which the Dark Others make sure that the Light Others don’t overstep the boundaries, and the Night Watch, by which the Light Others return the favour.

Anton Gorodetsky is a light Other, an agent of the Night Watch, and a higher magician, an extremely powerful being, but he hasn’t been one for long. He does tend to get into a lot of trouble. This time, he encounters a young boy who is actually a powerful prophet and a light Other. Every time a powerful prophet appears they make a first prophecy that is always powerful and dangerous; before it can be uttered a mysterious, powerful figure appears and tries to kill them (or does he?). This time is no exception. The only way for the prophet to be saved is for no one at all to hear his prophecy, and this is the route that the boy takes. But Anton, who has reason to believe that this prophecy closely concerns both him and his daughter, currently the most powerful magician in the world, also suspects he knows a way for him to hear it.

The situation is complicated by yet another prophecy, left behind by the only major prophet to outwit the killer (one Erasmus Darwin) and the return of Anton’s old frenemy from several books back, the witch Arina, who has her own ideas about what should be done with the prophecies. And things are, indeed, much deeper than they at first seem. The very fate of all Others may be at stake . . .

I’m really enjoying this series, and am pleased that it continued on past the original “trilogy”. It helps, of course, to have a good translator, and Bromfield seems to be to do the job.



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