Read Recently — July 2014 — Necessary Snuff

Necessity’s Child: a new Liaden Universe (r) novel by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

I promised to take a break after the last Liaden Universe (r) novel I read and I did skip at least one. But this one looked harmless enough and I was curious. It should always be nice to revisit old friends, right?

After the events of Plan B, et al, Clan Korval is no longer welcome on Liad. They have relocated the family holdings to the aptly-named planet of Surebleak, where anarchy reigns and one of their clan members has become a local crime-lord (the highest level of government). Of course, they are beginning to reshape the world, hopefully for the better. Former clan leader Nova yos’Galan, having handed the leadership to her brother Val Con, is still highly placed in the clan but finds herself taking more of a role in the raising of her son, Syl Vor. And when he adopts a stray, one Kezzi of the kompani, a sort of space-going Romani, she finds herself even more caught up in local affairs. As does one Rys, an amnesiac Liaden who falls into the kompani‘s hands unconscious from an injury, but soon seems likely to become one of them. Has he some relationship to Korval? Or perhaps, to their enemies?

This is not bad. Little previous knowledge of the series is required, since we spend most of our time with Kezzi and/or Syl Vor. What is needed of past events is filled in quickly and briefly. The characters are as usual well-drawn, the cultures approachable but suitably strange. The action is interesting enough to keep the attention. All in all, mildly recommended.

Snuff: a Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett

A few books back, in Unseen Academicals, we met a goblin who turned out not to be a goblin. Goblins on the Discworld are a minor race, not much loved and generally abused. This is, of course, because Duke Sir Samuel Vimes has never turned his attention to their affairs. Unfortunately for the people who have been profiting from the misery of the goblins in the area of Ramkin Hall, Duke Sir Samuel has two weeks vacation, which his wife is making him take in the country.

Pratchett at his finest. Highly recommended.


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