Read Recently — April 2014 — Maidens Rock the House

Kitty Rocks the House by Carrie Vaughn

So last time, I said I wanted to see more of Kitty and Ben’s pack; the domesticity of lycanthropy, as it were. We get some of that here, as our heroes return from the wars London and find a lone wolf in their territory, intending to challenge them for the leadership of the pack. They deal with it in a very “Kitty-and-Ben” fashion, which is both amusing and entertaining. Buuut, the “Long Game” stuff continues and it’s still boring. There is still no sign of a resolution, or even any movement. The balance needs to tilt in favour of the more domestic stuff; as it was I skipped large chunks of this one and don’t feel that I missed anything.

For the first time, mildly not recommended.

When Maidens Mourn: a Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery by C. S. Harris

Viscount and Lady St. Cyr are planning their honeymoon when word comes that one of Hero’s friends, Miss Gabrielle Tennyson, has been murdered. In addition to the usual sorts of suspects, St. Cyr encounters french POWs and a former soldier who looks a great deal like him and has some of the same . . . peculiarities. The murdered Miss Tennyson is a fictional aunt to Alfred Lord Tennyson, of “The Lady Of Shalott” fame, and that poem has echoes in this book. All things considered, recommended, though you really should start the series at the beginnng.


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