(Mostly Re-)Read Recently — March 2014 — Cry Wolf

This is mostly a re-read ( original entry here). The only major change is that my big complaint the other time, that the characters aren’t actually introduced here, is dealt with this time by bundling the short story in which they meet with the book (at the front, as is proper).

I like the short better than I like the novel, to be honest. I think the reason is that the story is set in a city, while the novel is set out in the mountains, in winter, with a small cast. Don’t get me wrong; I like the novel well enough, but I like the short better.

Note, however, that as far as I know this is still in hardcover; I picked it up at World’s Biggest Bookstore at 50% off (the post-holiday sale, not the current “50% off everything before we close next weekend” sale); I don’t know if they’re going to a new paperback edition after that. With that caveat, recommended. Recommended higher than the original, in fact.


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