Read Recently — February 2014 — Kitty Steals The Show

Kitty Steals the Show by Carrie Vaughn

Kitty is attending the first International Conference on Paranormal Studies, in London, UK. In fact, she will be the keynote speaker, assuming she ever gets her speech written. Of course, Ben goes with her, as does Cormac (who may actually have permission from his parole officer to leave the continent). Joseph Tyler, one of the military werewolves from Kitty Goes To War is also going. As are a few surprise guests.

Kitty and her crew are staying, via Alette’s arrangement, with the Vampire Master of London. Emma, Alette’s descendant, who we met in Kitty Goes To Washington is also staying there (the Master himself is an interesting character and of course Kitty immediately starts pestering him for stories about the eras he’s lived through). And it seems that, in addition to the official conference the master vampires of a lot of cities from around the world (ancient vampires for the most part) are also going to be in London, having a little conference of their own. Discussing, among other things, one Dux Bellorum (known to Kitty as Roman) and the Long Game he has been playing. Will Kitty get involved in that discussion (you wouldn’t ask that question if you’ve been reading the series so far).

Also, considering the trouble Kitty has had with the Fair Folk in the past, what will happen when she’s in their homeland?

So this is still a good series but I kinda felt at the end like the “Roman” subplot either needs to take over completely or go away. It’s becoming one of those stories where lots of stuff happens but it never goes anywhere; at the end it’s still in the same place it started from. I would be perfectly happy to see the conflict come to a head, and have Kitty and her allies take down the Dux (and I realise that the process of forming those alliances is going on at a realistic pace (or as realistic as you can get in a story about werewolves and vampires) but I don’t demand perfect realism here; I want a series that’s interesting to read. And this one is heading away from that) or to have the whole thing be forgotten and we get back to Kitty and Ben and Cormac and their extended family of werewolves (not to mention more of Kitty’s family). Maybe I ask too much?

Still recommended.


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