Read Recently — November 2010 — Kitty does not actually go to war

Kitty Goes to War by Carrie Vaughn

I don’t think that title is a spoiler.

What happens is that Kitty is contacted by the new director of the Center for the Study of Paranatural Biology (part of the NIH), who has an interesting problem. It seems that the US Army unknowingly recruited a werewolf into the Green Berets. Far from being a problem, he turned out to be an exemplary soldier, forming his own unit in Afghanistan and turning them all into werewolves. Hard to kill, and excellent in back-country work, they did well until the Captain, their alpha, was killed (it seems that lots of explosives will do the job as well as silver bullets do). They were pulled back to the US before command realised what was going on, and now the dominance struggles within their little pack have left several of them dead and the survivors have broken out of the base and are running wild, heading for Denver. Kitty’s pack’s territory.

Of course, while Kitty wants to stop them and protect her pack, she also wants to help these men, who have been thrown into a situation they couldn’t really have understood, and left with no real support. But can she help? Or are they beyond reach?

Meanwhile, after a brief episode of her radio show dealing with occult-ish happenings at the various outlets of the Speedy Mart chain, Kitty is now being sued for Libel by the owner of the chain. This is unusual, as the Midnight Hour isn’t big enough to be worth the fuss. A demand for an apology would be more likely. Could Kitty be on to something? Does Speedy Mart have something to hide?

This continues to be one of my favourite Urban Fantasy series. Vaughn hasn’t written a bad book yet, though I should add that the book includes a few sample pages from Discord’s Apple, her new, non-Kitty book. It’s nice that she’s branching out a bit. Prevents the brain from calcifying.

Kitty Goes to War is highly recommended, but if you haven’t read any of the series you should start with Kitty and the Midnight Hour.


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