Read Recently — February 2008 — Frankly, my dear Rachel, I don’t give a damn

For a Few Demons More by Kim Harrison

There are now five books in this series, and it feels like a lot more. Part of the problem here is that Harrison drops you into the action immediately and makes no effort to reintroduce you to the characters or situations; full-speed ahead and devil take the hindmost, as it were. It was quite a struggle for me to remember who what where when and why half the time. Maybe things would have gone easier if I had re-read the other books as preparation for this one, but that wasn’t going to happen and really, I shouldn’t need to. So while Rachel, Jenks and Ivy were still clear in my memory, a lot of the rest of it was something like, “What?! Where did that character come from?! He did what? When? Have we met this character before? When? Why?” and so on.

And then, a ways into the book, I had an epiphany: I no longer cared. I wanted to. I can remember caring. But I don’t now. There just isn’t enough effort to keep me involved.

So I’m not going to try to sum this up for you. Lots of action, and I’ll give Harrison some credit: she actually resolves some subplots in this one. Or seems to; at least one subplot that seems to be resolved is unresolved by the end of the book (ie–someone cancels the action that would have resolved it, though it’s done in plot and in character so you shouldn’t think I’m complaining about deus ex or something like that) and the sample pages from the next book show that another resolution is being undone there as well. But some seem to be wrapped up and one of the major subplots is leaning in that direction.

Oh, and the Clint Eastwood title gimmick is getting tired already; the next one, in case you didn’t know, is already out in hardcover and is called, the Outlaw Demon Wails. No, really. Someone will have to pay for that.

But I no longer care. I won’t be back for the next one. But, because the loss of interest is due to boredom, not offensiveness (see Blake, Anita), this is only marginally not recommended.


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