Read Recently — November 2007 — More Sequels!

Cybermancy by Kelly McCullough

Sequel to Webmage. As this one begins, Ravirn, now Raven, has been cast out of the houses of Fate, and still isn’t quite sure who and what he is now. But he knows what he is doing: he’s sitting on the banks of the Styx, playing bridge with Cerberus. Someone close to Raven and his lover Cerice is dead, and Raven has sworn to bring them back from Hades. And as a demigod, he can’t break his word. But, breaking into Hades is not easy, and getting out again is even more difficult.

Still, Raven is a trickster, and he pulls it off . . . or does he? The resurectee is not the same, and trouble in the Mweb, the magic that binds all the worlds together and makes magic possible, is brewing. The last time this happened, the fates blamed Ravirn and sent the Furies after him. This time, the scale of the problem is even bigger. And this time, the Furies aren’t just after Ravirn’s blood. This time, one of them wants to date him.

Again, McCullough makes with the Zelazny/Amber vibe. Again, this is good fun. A little darker than the first, but then, the stakes are higher. Recommended.

Dead Man Rising by Lilith Saintcrow

After the events in Working for the Devil Dante Valentine could safely be called traumatized. Her lover is dead, she herself has been changed in ways she doesn’t yet understand, and her ex-lover has sort of forced himself into her house to look after her, and she isn’t even sure if she can trust him. She throws herself into bounty-hunting, taking on dangerous jobs that could kill her at any time, but keeps living even though she isn’t sure she wants to. And she keeps getting mail telling her that the Lord of Hell wants to talk to her, and she wants nothing to do with him.

And then someone starts killing psions. Specifically, they’re killing escapees/survivors of Rigger Hall, a hellish school for young Psions that was shut down years ago when the truth about what happened there came out. The master of the school was killed by some of his students/victims, and the whole affair was forgotten by anyone who wasn’t there. But Danny was, and she can’t forget. But the past will keep comnig back . . .

More fun. Try the first one, and if you like that, this is more of the same. Recommended.


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