Read Recently — March 2007 — Faeries and vampires and Werewolves, oh my!

Shadows in the Starlight by Elaine Cunningham

Sequel to Shadows in the Darkness. Gwen finds out more about her history, the people she is now involved with, and helps out her friends. Nicely feminist character, but I didn’t like this book much. I don’t care for Cunningham’s fair folk, and their presence colours the novel very dark. I won’t be picking up any sequels.

Mildly not recommended.

Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs

Sequel to Moon Called. Mercy pays tribute to the local vampires, who are sort of like the mafia, by fixing cars for them (since she doesn’t have a lot of cash). One of them, Stefan, asks her to come with him on a mission as a favour. Not a tough mission; he just has to go intimidate another vampire, and he wants her to travel in her other form (a coyote) as a disguise. She goes along with this, but the vampire they’re dealing with is a little different, and is able to convince Stefan that something has happened that Mercy can tell hasn’t. It seems that this rogue vampire is a sorceror, which is to say that he is ridden by a demon but is still in control of it (in this world, the difference between being a sorceror and being possessed is just a matter of time. In the aftermath, after some vampire politics, Stefan goes off hunting the vampire sorceror and disappears. Furthermore, Adam, the local pack alpha (and possibly her future lover), and Samuel, Mercy’s roommate (and first love) also go on that hunt, and also disappear. Can Mercy find the sorceror before three men she cares about (albeit in different ways) are all killed, to say nothing of the demon’s affect on the city?

A good book, and generally speaking I enjoyed it. Mercy’s in no danger of becoming Anita Blake (yet), but there was a scene where we find out that, in addition to being the target of amorous intentions by two hot werewolves, Mercy is also wanted by an unexpected third man in her life. It kinda feels like they’ve set up the ramp and she’s checking out the bike, ya know? This sort of thing makes me want to write my own supernatural story where the girl is the anti-sue: no powers, no attracting every man, etc. Oh, and no werewolves, vampires or fair folk; I’m starting to wince whenever I see those creatures mentioned on the covers of books. It’s time for some new monsters.

Speaking of which, Briggs’ vampires have some nice touches in their society. We learn more about them in this one then we did in the first book. The werewolf lore also keeps unfolding nicely. Overall, recommended, but I have my doubts about the series.


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