Read Recently — Cinema Ghosts

Korean Cinema: the new Hong Kong: a guidebook for the latest Korean New Wave by Anthony C. Y. Leong

This was an interesting find. I didn’t even know there was a Korean New Wave cinema, never mind that they had produced so many interesting-looking films. Now I’m gonna have to look around for some of these movies . . .

Recommended for film fans.

Gabriel’s Ghost by Linnea Sinclair

Not actually a sequel to Finder’s Keepers, but set in a similar universe, this one is also a romance.

Chasidah “Chaz” Bergren was a Captain in the Imperial Navy, once upon a time, before she was cashiered for disobeying a direct order that she never received, and sent to Moabar, a prison planet from which no one ever escapes. When we meet her, she is killing a guard, an alien Taka who just tried to rape her. She is confronted by a man with a blaster rifle (not common on Moabar), who turns out to be one Gabriel “Sully” Sullivan, a smuggler and poet with whom she used to trade quips over their respective starship viewscreens, back when she was a Captain. But Sullivan has been dead for the last two years!

Okay, she didn’t really believe it either. It turns out that Sullivan has come to Moabar for one reason only: to collect Chaz. He has a job for which he needs an ex-naval captain, and he wants, “one particular beautiful, interfering bitch”. As they make their way towards his method of getting off-planet, they are attacked by a Jukor, a bioengineered monster that shouldn’t be there. Jukors were engineered for short lifespans, so any of the original bunch should be dead of old age, and new ones are illegal. That’s what Sullivan wants her help with: destroying the new crop of Jukors before more of them can be released.

But one of Sullivan’s crew is a Stolorth, a race of telepaths and mind-rapers that the jukors were originally designed to fight. Ren, the Stolorth, is blind and so cannot perform the kind of mind-destroying that his race is infamous for. He is, in fact, an empath and the kind of good companion that suggests. Sullivan, on the other hand, has yet more secrets, some of which relate to Chaz’s growing attraction to him, and all of which could cause the two of them great trouble . . .

Highly recommended.


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