Read Recently — That Name!

The Republican War on Science by Chris Mooney

I don’t know why, but whenever I see this guy’s name, I just have to read what he’s written. Can’t explain it.

Okay, politics, but Mooney makes a good case that the titular event actually happens. An interesting read, but not for everyone.

Westmark by Lloyd Alexander

I’m sure the staff in the kid’s section of World’s Biggest Bookstore have me marked down as some kind of pervert; I spend so much time there.

Theo is a printer’s devil in the kingdom of Westmark, currently afflicted with a weak king and a strong, evil, minister. As a consequence, Theo is shortly unemployed and on the run from the law. He falls in with the master con-man known as the Count Las Bombas and his dwarf companion, Musket, and then the beggar girl known as Mickle. How long can he stay ahead of the law? Is it his destiny to influence the fate of the kingdom?

Highly recommended.

Phoenix and Ashes by Mercedes Lackey

Lackey adds Cinderella to her Elemental Masters series. World War I hits and hits hard. Lackey’s best writing in years (yes, I damn with faint praise. Still, this is good, if light, stuff). Recommended.


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